Our engagements

We are commited for the planet

Since October 2021, Le Panorama des Alpilles joined the adventure 1% for The Planet. It’s an organisation co-created in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia. A simple concept that makes sense : companies get their ressources and benefits from the earth, hence they contribute to protect it by giving back 1% of their gross income.

Planet Earth needs us now ! With this commitment we joined an active network, we choose serious associations who supports projects to preserve the Earth and we finance them.

On top of that, like Yvon says « the 1% for the planet is the only tax that makes an entrepreneur happy » 


A commitment for the territory

Our company got in 2019 the Valeur Parc Naturel Régional brand. This brand carries the vision of another model of society reconciling in a more harmonious way the ecological, economic and social aspects to ensure in a sustainable way the well-being of women and men within its territory.


An awareness of climate change

To act, you have to understand! It is for this reason that we have joined the Fresque du Climat association and that we regularly lead workshops: through a collaborative game we understand the causes and consequences of climate change and then we discuss possible actions, individual or collective …


Organic and rechargeable household products

To avoid plastic waste from unique containers and for our customers to use environmentally friendly products, we provide our customers from the gîte with ecological household products: hand soap, hand dishwashing liquid, dishwasher liquid, washing machine liquid, etc. .

We work with Bionetal products from the HEPRO company located a few kilometers away from our home, which allows us to redo the levels when necessary.